Apr 13, 2023Blog
Kehinde Adegbite

Kehinde Adegbite also known as Mallam Yankee, is not only a social engineer who has transformed nightlife across the country, but a redesigner of investment. His investment in talents across the entertainment world is an obvious redefinition of selfless investment for the purpose of societal growth. His belief is simply that we can build a better society through investment in others despite little or no returns. This is why many Nigerian artistes were able to cross to the other side through him. The entertainment renaissance in Abuja after a long dark era has further justified the title of Jagaban of entertainment bestowed on this humble son of Adegbite. The transformation of nightlife in the city of Owerri, Imo State and other states across the country that had initially witnessed minimal patronage in entertainment has further justified the fact that nation building cuts across different facets of life. Indeed, Mallam Yankee is a nation builder. With the tool of entertainment, the nation is being gradually rebuilt and transformed through him. Having set up one of the best clubs in Africa. He has organised several inspiring shows across the country and had used same to launch artists into the entertainment industry. The multi- millionaire is one of the few entertainment tycoons whose business empire grows on a daily basis. His relationship with young people whom he often sees as partners has encouraged many youths who would have ordinarily given up their struggle and career. The Chairman, The Switch nightlife has undoubtedly taken the road many have refused to take. He has found water in the desert, and has made the desert attractive to many who had undermined it. He currently opened Attitude Lounge on January 20th and it’s fast growing